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We validate with blockchain technology agricultural efforts that benefit the health of the soil and the entire ecosystem.

We promote the implementation o-f nature-based solutions through technological tools.

Achieve your sustainability goals

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Visualization, segmentation and customization

IMPACT-VIEW (Software as a Service)

The platform integrates different technologies such as blockchain, satellite images and AI

  • Visualization: Real-time dashboard displaying sustainable agricultural efforts.
  • Segmentation: Grouped by growers, practices, farms, asset types, etc.
  • Customization: Setting targets and impact metrics, and selecting practices for which growers can be rewarded.
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    Climate Digital

    Our Climate Digital Assets (CDA) are a secure vehicle for direct investment in the climate resilience of you own value chain.

    We issue intangible assets that are the digital representation of tangible assets. Practices that improve soil health, tons of recovered food, tons of recovered plastic and others.

    From their technological configuration, these assets are presented as TOKENS OF UTILITY. Their acquisition grants ownership rights over the socio-environmental impact of the validated regenerative effort and access to high-value encrypted information.